DECISION DAY Tuesday 24th May 2011

This is the day on which Mr Pickles wil announce whether King's Cliffe is to become the national nuclear waste dump for LLW for the South of England and the Midlands.

If he approves, it will be the first time that nuclear waste will have been deposited in a site distant from any nuclear facility, and it may open the way for such sites to spring up in other places.

It wlll also cast an interesting perspective on Mr Pickles' Localism Bill. We have followed his advice, at considerable expense, by calling referendums to make the views of local people on planning decisions known, and these views have been endorsed by all organs of local government in the area.

We are confident that Mr Pickles is a man of integrity who will not perform a sudden and shoddy u-turn, and that on Tuesday he will rule that King's Cliffe is not an appropriate location for such material.

We feel justified in this belief by Mr Pickles' statement that:
"I am very concerned planning decisions made by our locally elected representatives being overturned by the Government’s Planning Inspector. ...[In one example] the Inspector said that the Council’s reason for refusal was not substantial as it was based on local residents’ opposition. Forgive me, but is this not the most robust of arguments? Shouldn’t local people be able to make local decisions through their locally elected representatives?

Years of campaigning by local folk is ignored as a stranger visits town, probably never to return and his decision can leave peoples’ quality of life and local landscape ruined by an unwanted development."

For a selection of TV news reports on this issue, click here


Augean has just launched its extension application. For details on how YOU can comment, click here

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Below is a selection of posters for you to print off and display to show your backing for our campaign.

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Thank you for your support.

Huge vote against radioactive waste

Thursday, 7th April
Villagers in 11 localities in North-east Northamptonshire voted by 98% to reject the disposal of radioactive, nuclear, waste in the King's Cliffe landfill, and urged their parish councils to take the strongest action to oppose it . The turnout was nearly 50%, and in the villages closest to the landfill even higher - an extraordinarily high figure for such a poll. Detailed results were:

Parish Yes No Turnout
King’s Cliffe: 506 7 54.7%
Apethorpe: 83 1 59.6%
Laxton: 77 0 51.6%
Bulwick: 70 2 50.7%
Collyweston: 193 5 46.3%
Easton 212 8 26.8%
Fotheringhay 57 0 57%
Duddington 86 1 53.7%
Harringworth 92 4 48%
Wakerley 22 0 36.7%
Nassington: 298 8 49.8%

Total: 1696 36 46%

Late entry
Yarwell 127 9 54.6%

Augean accepts radwaste from olympic site

Following a request for information from Wastewatchers, the Environment Agency has confirmed that radioactive waste from the olympic site in East London has been deposited in Augean's landfill site at Thornhaugh less than two miles from the King's Cliffe dump. Under a law dating from the 1960's, such waste is judged to be exempt from radioactive legislation, and thus Augean does not require a permit.
The discovery of radioactive waste under the olympic site has been the subject of debate in the national press, and locals are concerned that Augean has not been transparent in its activities, especially given the sensitivity of its application to bury higher levels of radioactive waste in the area.

Huge profits from radwaste

A report by Edison Investment Research in March 2010 suggested that if Augean was to accept its full quota of radioactive waste, its profit from the King's Cliffe site would be in excess of £100 million per year. With an extension of ten years Augean could walk away with over £1.2 billion, leaving the local community with a legacy of hundreds of years of radioactive emissions.

Safety fears at landfill site

Fears have been raised around the levels of security at the King's Cliffe landfill site following an intrusion by a pantomime horse. The animal appears to have breached the perimeter of the toxic dump, where waste company Augean are hoping to bury hundreds of thousands of tonnes of radioactive, nuclear waste, and cavorted unopposed around the site for up to an hour.
Augean have classed intrusion as the most dangerous scenario once the radioactive waste is buried.
Augean have no plans to build a fence around the site.

For a film of this event, click here


Northamptonshire County Council Development Control Committee, meeting on Tuesday 16th March, unanimously rejected Augean's application to dump Low Level Nuclear Waste in the King's Cliffe landfill.

Thank you to all our supporters.

Who's been in the news recently?

Why have these organisations been in the news recently?
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  - Environment Agency (EA)
  - International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP)
And what is their link with Augean and the landfill?

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Action Sunday!

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Villagers against the dump 27/09/09

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